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For 2008 Our Special Guests were: (Our Guest of Honor) John Stanley (Our Special Guest) August Ragone (Horror Host Achievement Award) Joe Flynn & Priscilla ... A Nightmare To RememberGuests 2008 27.09.2015 23:07:04 http://www.anightmaretoremember.com/guest2008.html

Buy Tickets Now Death in Charge by Devi Snively : Callous Sentiment by Vincent Grashaw A Nightmare To Remember Winners 2010 27.09.2015 23:07:04 http://www.anightmaretoremember.com/winners2010.html

Trailers: The Drill. Midland Productions. c/o. Director: Dan Seneres. Artist Dan Seneres is a Bay Area native currently working in various facets of the ... A Nightmare To Remember Films 2008 27.09.2015 23:07:04 http://www.anightmaretoremember.com/2008/films_2008.html

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2011 Special Guests Our Guest of Honor Megan Franich From 30 Days of Night Brooke Lewis Philly Chick Pictures Debra Lamb Scream Queen A Nightmare To Remember Guests 2011 27.09.2015 23:07:04 http://www.anightmaretoremember.com/2011/guest2011.html

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